How to Use Peppermint Oil for Acne?


Overview How it work? Recipe to Use Risks FAQs Peppermint is one of the commonly used and widely popular species from the genus Mentha. The fresh leaves of peppermint (mentha+pepperita) are available throughout the year and usually used in herbal teas or flavoring the food items and in skincare products. This aromatic herb is native … Read more

Best Essential Oils for Headaches


How oil helps? Headache overview List of essential oils Essential oils are extensively used in aromatherapy to relieve various medical conditions. Some health benefits of essential oils are now backed by science while some are yet to be proved or they are used empirically since ages. Essential oils are highly-concentrated compounds extracted from the various … Read more

Best Unloader Knee Brace – Reviews & Buying Guide

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What is Brachial Neuritis?

Overview Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Prognosis & Recovery Inflammation (neuropathy) of the brachial plexus is known as Brachial Neuritis. [01] Brachial plexus is a bunch of nerves that runs through the shoulder and helps to control the hand, shoulder & arm. It is one of the reasons that trigger the severe pain in the shoulder … Read more

What Causes Burning Shoulder Pain?

Nerves & neck problems Vertebral disc diseases Shoulder problems Other causes Burning shoulder pain is one of the most dis-comfortable experience one can have. You either experience it constantly or in some cases, it may come & go. It can affect the shoulder or small part of it. In some cases, it may travel from … Read more

What is the Best Type of Mattress for a Day bed?

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