How to Get Rid of Warts Using Banana Peel?

Just snacked nutritious banana? It’s time not to toss away the peel. It may help you to remove warts naturally and gently, as it soft and don’t go hard on skin.

Banana – a native fruit of South East Asia & mainly found in India was introduced to West and rest of globe by Arab conquerors in 327 B.C. [01] Its a fruit that comes with sweet and soft flesh, has fibrous & thick skin that tastes little bitter. Though banana has several health benefits, little we know about the medicinal uses of its peel.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue”]Does banana peel remove warts?

Empirical and anecdotal evidence shows that banana peel can remove warts, especially effective against plantar warts.[02]

Though one study shows its effective removing plantar wart without re-occurrence for 2 years, more scientific studies are required to confirm its efficacy.[03] It moisturizes & hydrates the skin around the wart.[/thrive_text_block]

Warts: An Overview

Warts are common skin lesions caused by a virus called ” Human Papillomavirus”. This virus invades the cell and causes many multiplications of the cells in the outer layer of the skin to make them proliferate and grow repetitively. Those cells produce a hard lump-like lesion which is called wart.

Warts can be small and painless or large and painful. Many people will relieve the pain by using over the counter analgesics. But as we know the side effect of those analgesics, this leaves us for banana peels as a natural remedy to help you get rid of your wart faster.

Warts might be harmless but also might cause pain and itching. Sometimes, it will also cause pain and discomfort while you are wearing your shoes or at rest even.

How Does it Work on Wart?

You might not be able to find scientific studies to show that banana peel remover method is better than other, however, most of the professional people may not discourage it either. It reduces the pain, irritation, and redness around the wart.

Eating banana can help to treat several mineral deficiencies you might have since it is rich in potassium and other important minerals. Some people also recommend putting oil around the wart to remove any irritation. Either way, choose what’s best for your foot or hand. Moreover, it creates moisture around the war so that it could peel easily.

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On the other hand, potassium deficiency could contribute to a weak immune system which may lead to activation of HPV and the formation of warts. Also, potassium plays an important role in skin health.

This deficiency might be sub-clinical and might not cause any health problems except some skin changes as the potassium is very important for skin care. The banana peel remover remedy is also used to remove skin tags, moles, and other skin problems for its usefulness.

Application of Banana Peel for Warts Removal
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Banana peel is very rich in potassium. When you apply it to the wart, it delivers the needed potassium directly to the infection source. Moreover, it boosts the immune systems so that it could receive the support it might need to cure the wart naturally.

It is also suggested that you eat food which is rich in potassium to help cure the wart such as spinach, avocado, apple cider vinegar, and sweet potatoes. All of these will heal your wart faster and boost your immune system.

Please visit a nutritionist to help you get all the food which has the minerals and nutrients that are rich in potassium and help you cure the human papillomavirus and the wart.

How to remove warts using banana peels?

Do not use the hard green banana peel. It works best by using the ripe fruit banana because it is more moist and rich in potassium. Try to buy the one which turned yellow and a little bit ripped out.

Take a small part of the banana peel over the wart and leave it for a whole night. Some people prefer to rub it inside of just leaving it like that.

If you are going to use the banana peel for wart removal; here are few tips to follow:

Step 1

Cut a small area of the ripped banana ( around 1-3 cm) peel with a sharp knife. Make sure that this area is wide enough, symmetrical, and large enough to cover all the sides of the wart. You can also use 2-4 drops of tea tree oil directly on the wart for extra moisture and to easily remove the wart lesion without pain.

Step 2

As we know that the wart is caused by the human papillomavirus. So we suggest adding a potent anti-viral treatment along with anti-fungal agent along with the tea tree oil to maximize the benefit and get the best results from the banana peel wart removal treatment.

The most important part is to leave the banana peel on the wart in a constant fashion. It is very recommended to change the dressing once every 24 hours. If you are working or a student, you might feel annoyed for having this dress over your toe. So you can remove the peel during the day and reapply it again when you return home at the evening.

Step 3

Try to cover the wart area with the banana peel for a certain period of time. Also, put the peel on the entire wart area and tape the peel in place using medical tape. Try to leave it for the whole night and remove it in the morning.

Repeat this procedure for a few days every night or until the wart disappears completely. This might take from several days to four weeks, depending on the severity and size.

You might notice that the wart started to turn black. This is an indication that it dies and will eventually disappear and your skin will come back to normal without any itching, scaring, or complications.

Some general advice to help you get through the treatment and get a faster healing:

1-Try to use the banana peel large enough to cover all the sides of the wart and use masking medical tape instead of the band-aids because the masking tape is easier to remove than the band-aids.

2- Try to wear dark nylons, socks, or tights with the banana peels on them all the day.

3-Try to change the peel once a day as we recommended above.

4-After you remove the peel, wash the wart to remove any dead skin inside it. You can also use a pumice stone on the sole of your feet.

5-Try to use the black or the turned brown ripe bananas. It is much better in the terms of moisture and softness. It will help you to peel your dead skin easily and remove all the dead particles without any problems.

6-As compared to the corrosive treatment for warts, banana peel treatment has few side effects. You only might experience sores if you use tight band-aids instead of masking medical tape.

[thrive_text_block color=”light”]Bottom Line: Banana peel application is the easiest way to treat the wart, but there is no evidence that it will work except for a couple of studies that discussed its use in warts.

It is an inexpensive product and easily available in every home and doesn’t do any harm when applied externally to the skin. So, we recommend to use it for a few weeks to see if it helps you to get rid of plantar warts. [/thrive_text_block]

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