Chiropractic Pillow for Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the most common causes of substantial disability worldwide. That awful pain that makes the people have a hard time falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up refreshed daily.

Not only does that stabbing pain make it hard for your neck to move from side to side, it also radiates down to affect your back, your shoulders, your arm, your hips, and sometimes cause headache as well.

All of us know that Neck pain could be mild that usually resolves within weeks, or severe that can have a considerable effect on the quality of life, community health, business, and healthcare systems.

Furthermore, Neck pain might affect your productivity and increase your absence in work especially if your work requires strenuous activity and prolonged stay such as office work. Many of us are searching for ways to alleviate such pain and help them to perform better in their work.

In this article, we will provide you a comprehensive guide to the most common causes of neck pain, how to deal with it, as well as some of our best pillows for neck pain.

A 2015 epidemiological study, Published in Mayo Clin Proc, stated that neck pain is the fourth leading cause of disability worldwide with annual prevalence over than 30%.

This study also estimated that most people recovers without treatment within a week, however, 50% of people will experience persistent pain and frequent recurrence. [01]

As per the epidemiological study, published in Best Pract Res Clin Rheumatol in 2010, Nearly 10.4%-21.3% of people working in office and computer related work experience a neck pain and almost between 33%-65% of people might recover within a year.

This study indicated that prevalence is generally higher among women in urban areas and high-income countries. Neck pain incidence peaks till the age of 35-49 years, after that the risk will continue to decline. [02]

As Per the global burden of neck pain 2010 study, There is a noticeable increase in the disability-adjusted life years from 23.9 to 33.6 million from 1990- 2010 with an overall global point prevalence range from 4.6-5.3. [03]

Why Cervical Pillow?

To a certain extend your sleep position, type of mattress & wrong pillow size may cause of neck pain. However, in many cases it is not the main reason for neck pain.

Having the wrong pillow might affect you to a larger extent than what a mattress can do for you. That’s why Having the right pillow is a must to reduce neck pain and have a better quality of sleep.

Some studies have discussed the importance of a good pillow to treat neck pain as follow:

A comparative study, published in J Manipulative Physiol Ther, Confirmed that pillows offer support, reduce neck pain, and help you to perform better.They also stated that choosing a neck support pillow of good shape and consistency provides a firm support for cervical lordosis and is considered one of the best options to treat neck pain and increase the sleep quality. [04]

Another study, Published in Journal of Physiotherapy 2006, Stated that 61%-77% of the people, who used a soft and specific neck pillow, experience less headache, neck pain, and get a better quality of life Compared to those who were using a normal pillow.

They also highlighted that importance of using a suitable soft neck pillow to better support the neck lordosis and to alleviate neck pain and its consequences. [05]

Night Neck Pain – What could be the Causes?

lady holding neck with hands due to neck pain

The main causes of neck pain are mainly attributed to the structure of the neck itself.

There are seven vertebrae in the neck region. Those vertebrae surround the spinal cord and canal and are responsible to protect that vital part of the body—Central Nervous System and also helps to support the neck during movement.

Between the vertebrae, there is a cartilage called disc, That disc helps to reduce the fraction of the vertebrae and protect the nerves against compression

Inside the cervical columns, nerves run upside down from the brain to the body and vice versa. While any part of the spine can be compressed, this can create some sort of numbness, pain throughout the arm, shoulder, and the hips.

The neck is the most vulnerable part of your body, especially during sleeping. Keeping the neck aligned with your head is the best way to avoid the pain and stiffness, especially in the morning.

The best way to achieve that is through a good support system—a right, soft, and comfortable neck pain pillow.

The most common cause of the neck pain is muscle strain/spasm or a soft tissue sprain.Levator scapulae muscle is the most commonly affected.

Levator scapulae muscle is located on the sides of the necks and back. It is innervated by the third and fourth cervical nerves (C3, C4).

The main causes of Levator scapulae strain include:

  • Poor pillow support
  • Pillow or mattress firmness problem
  • Sleeping in poor posture with malposition of the neck
  • Sudden injury or strenuous activities, such as sports injuries
  • Awkward positioning during work in office, viewing the computer or looking downward for prolonged periods watching your phone.

Other examples of common disorders causing neck pain include herniated or degenerative disc disease, compressed nerve, infections such as osteomyelitis, meningitis and tuberculosis, tumors, and osteoarthritis.

Neck pain can also arise from rheumatic problems affecting the neck muscles such as polymyalgia rheumatic, and fibromyalgia.

Top 10 Best Pillow For Neck Pain

Here are the best cervical pillow to ease the neck pain –

1. Mediflow Waterbase Pillow for Neck Pain

This comfortable pillow is one of the best pillows for neck pain.

It provides neck support to reduce sleep interruption, help you to get better sleep, and decrease the neck pain. A manufacturer is Mediflow – Made in the United States of America (USA).

It has been tested by numerous clinical studies and has been proven for efficacy in five aspects: Sleep interruption, length of time to sleep, length of time to regain sleep, sleep quality, and alleviation of neck pain. Surprisingly, Mediflow water-base pillow ranked the best in those five aspects.

The unique Mediflow pillow Material is Polyester. It has a hypo-allergic polyester fiber with thin water line on the bottom which makes it adjustable and offers you the high level of support and the comfort you might need for the neck and back, regardless of your sleep position.

The Mediflow Waterbase works by automatically adjusting to your head movements as you sleep to maintain a comfortable support for your neck.

There is a thin water-base in the bottom, that is covered by a soft and hypo-allergenic polyester fiber. You can simply adjust how firm your pillow is by adding or removing the amount of the water.

Moreover, keeping it clean is very easy. All you do is to remove the outer cover and wash it. It will take only a few minutes

A 1996 study Concluded that Mediflow water-base pillow is a perfect choice to decrease neck pain and improve the quality of sleeping. [06]

Another clinical study, performed in Johns Hopkins University, concluded that Mediflow water-base pillow is ranked the best in every category tested to support the neck, provide a better sleep, and decrease the length of mid-night sleep interruption. [07]

Pros –

Best to support neck pain
Decrease Headache
Improve sleeping quality
Best to maintain & Clean


Heavy when filled
Determining the amount to fill is challenging
May cause water leakage (Rare)
Can cause noise (Rare)

Bottom line- The Mediflow is the perfect choice for people with chronic neck pain.

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2. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow from Coop Home Goods

Shredded Memory Foam Pillow gives you all the adjustability and comfort you might need.

It is one of the best options for neck pain. Those special shredded foam let you adjust the pillow anyway you like in whatever sleep position you might acquire.

The Coop Home Goods is a company that is producing a very high-quality pillow to create a perfect, supportive, and adjustable environment for a powerful sleep.

The airflow between those shredded foams and the proprietary blend of polyester and bamboo fabric make it extra breathable, allows better ventilation, and not to retain any heat. Those proprietary blends help you to shape your pillow in any way you want to decrease or increase the support during sleep.

Furthermore, Those materials are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, easily washable, and provides a clean environment to sleep.

The main material is shredded memory foam. This inner foam material provides the best quality over many other pillows because that foam provides great flexibility to shape the pillow and typically align your pillow according to your sleep pattern.

Unlike the shredded foam pillow, the other pillows usually are not adjustable and flatten during sleep which makes it more uncomfortable and increases the intensity of neck pain.

This company offers an excellent 5- year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

Pros –

Adjustable & Durable
High-​​​​​quality foam
Safe & retain in shape
Breathable & Shapeable

Cons –

May cause water leakage (Rare)
Can cause noise (Rare)

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3. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow By Xtreme Comforts

This is one of the best pillows with the highest quality shredded memory foam in the USA.

It is rated #1 by many organizations and ranked for being” The best pillow”. This pillow is fully adjustable in any sleep position either, on your stomach, your back, or your side.

This shredded memory foam pillow by Xtreme comforts provide a great flexibility that is not offered by the ordinary memory foam pillow. It allows you to maintain your sleep position and align your neck properly to alleviate the neck pain and help you get better sleep.

The double airflow system makes it breathable and prevents any heat or moisture from a building during the night. This pillow also offers the micro-vented bamboo cover that helps to improve the circulation and help not to retain heat and keep the pillow cool for the best sleep quality.

Now, you can say NO to sweaty faces!. Moreover, this pillow is a special and safe product for pregnant ladies.

What is also special about this luxurious pillow is that those shredded memory foam helps to maintain the pillow shape. It remains firm for proper back, neck, and spine support.

Moreover, the hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite properties make it safer, especially for allergy sufferers. It can be easily cleaned and washable with the machine.

The shredded memory foam pillow by Xtreme comforts offers you 6-year warranty guarantee to give you the best security to try it and return it if you are not 100% satisfied. They also vacuum sealed for better and eco-friendly shipping.

The Shredded Memory Foam pillow is the best for any sleep position, especially for anyone who sleep with their arms under their pillow. This pillow will be the best option if you are suffering from chronic neck pain and need the best flexibility to alleviate such pain.

Pros –

Breathable & Affordable
Fully adjustable in many position
Best shredded memory foam
Dust mites resistance

Cons –

Few people reported that they are firm

Shop Xtreme Comfort Pillow on Amazon

4. Memory Foam Pillow From Smarter Rest

This is the best pillow to work as a sleep aid, support your neck and spine, aligning your body, improve the blood circulation, enhance airflow, absorb heat, and promote muscle relaxation.

It is perfect for everyone with a neck pain, However, it works the best for average-frame sized people.

Memory foam pillows are made of toxin-free german quality memory foam with a granulated surface technology to maintain the spine and back posture during the night.

Their unique shape of being convex in the middle for extra comfort. It contains an etra layer of cushion which allows better alignment of the body.

This pillow will be the best for those who want to align their spine, prevent neck pain, and even snoring during the night.

The combination of that soft fabric with the memory foam which allows breathability. This also provides allergenic and anti-dust properties that make them safer and washable. This works the best for those with persistent neck pain and associated with snoring and sinus problems.

Pros –

Durable & Affordable
Toxin free & Hypoallergenic
Help to reduce snoring & neck pain
Anti-dust mite

Cons –

Few people reported discomfort due to its firmness
Some find strong chemical smell

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5. Mypillow Premium Series Bed Pillow

This pillow is encountered to provide the best level of support regardless of sleep position or your body size.

Interestingly, My pillow premium series are made of patented interlocking fill which makes it easier to be adapted according to your t-shirt size because not everybody is the same.

There are notable sex and size differences that might affect your support level. This pillow offers you that kind of choice to determine your level of support. Moreover, It is available in four different loft levels—Thanks to your T-shirt size—which is determined by the amount of patented fill you might need.

Those patented interlocking fills also give you the flexibility to adjust your needs despite your sleep position. This pillow will never go flat- They are washable and dryable by machines.

The MyPillow Premium Series bed pillow for neck pain is made in the USA out of a patented interlocking fill. The open cell of the fibers allows air to flow freely through the pillow to prevent retaining heat during the night and will keep the pillow in shape without going flat as what happens with cotton pillows.

The interlocking fill of the MyPillow is better than thick, solid foam pillows because it will help to be adjustable according to your body shape and position regardless anything else.

The My pillow is the best for stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers. It provides great neck support and helps alleviate neck pain to gain a better quality of sleep.

Pros –

Made in USA
Adjustable & Affordable

Cons –

Few people found it to be flat

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6. Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations is a company that led the industry and outranked all the support pillows.

It has a special contour and curve to keep the head pushed up and forward. This provides great support and comfort for you, no matter what sleep position you might have. That kind of support help enhance support and align your back, spine, and head together.

It helps alleviate neck pain, stress, and snoring. This pillow will provide you a therapeutic support that will help you fall asleep, wake up refreshed throughout the day.

Sleep Innovations Contour pillow is made from Temp memory foam. Some customers complain about strong smell which is very common with any memory foam pillow, simply because shipping can cause buildup that strong odor.

This odor is simply eliminated by airing the pillow or using a household breeze. Memory foam pillows are a great choice for people with neck pain in the morning.

The solid foam center is sufficiently flexible to move easily with your body as you sleep and rest, permits opportunity without ever losing the support that is very crucial to the neck during the mid of the night.

The pillow is made of soft, comfortable, and luxurious fabric that makes it very adjustable to head. The cover is washable and dryable.

Sleeping on the Sleep Innovations Contour Memory Foam Pillow is comforting, hypoallergenic, and toxic free. This creates a peaceful environment for the allergic person.

The Contour Memory Foam Pillow is made in the USA and provides you the 5-year limited warranty to provide the maximum security and satisfaction you might want in case it gets flattened or lost its contour!

Pros –

5 year limited warranty
Comfortable & Washable
Great support

Cons –

Few people complain that pillow is very firm
Strong smell

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7. Tri-Core Cervical Pillow By Core Products

The Tri-Core Cervical Pillow has a special design that make it comfortable to sleep in any position you please.

If you are the kind of person who turns and tosses so much during sleep, this is the perfect fit for you!

For side sleepers, You might enjoy the taller side lobes. Back sleepers can rest the heads in the depression between the two higher edges and makes it more aligned with the back during the night. That support alleviates the neck pain, reduces the snoring, and helps to align your body with your head for better sleeping aid.

The Tri-Core pillow comes in two different sizes, depending on the different sizes of the side lobes, to give everybody in your family a pain-free sleeping aid.

The shape of the Tri-Core pillow is different than any other pillow you might have seen. It is adjustable to any sleep position. The different thickness also allows any customer to choose the right level of support he might choose.

There are also two levels of firmness either standard or gentle. Both are great for neck support. However, you can choose whatever is comfortable for you. It can be soft or firm.

All Tri-Core Cervical Pillows for neck pain are durable, adjustable, hypoallergenic, easy to carry. The inner fiber materials allow the air to flow throughout it to prevent retaining of the heat and protect against the moisture.

Pros –

  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Alleviate neck pain
  • Washable
  • Perfect for side sleepers
  • Made in USA

Cons –

  • Few users experienced allergy
  • Few people complained about the firmness

Shop Core Products Neck Pillow on Amazon

8. Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow

This comfortable contoured Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow is contoured for anyone who aspires to wake up free of neck and muscle pain.

Neck pain can be eliminated when your head and neck are aligned and supported correctly. We all know that neck pain causes a headache, shoulder pain, and numbness. This pillow solves all the problems related to the neck pain.

The Arc4life pillow works perfectly for side sleepers, back and stomach sleepers of all sizes and for all ages.

This pillow provides many characteristics which make it desirable for people Such as:

  • It helps muscle to relax and subsequently experiences deep sleep.
  • Better breathing and decrease snoring.
  • Enhance blood circulation throughout the body, hence it relieves the sore muscle.
  • Relieve neck pain and offer posture for neck to be aligned with the body
  • Along with those properties, The Arc4life cervical neck pillow is made of hand-stuffed fibers that allow better movement and posture during the night.

The air system in that pillow allows the flow throughout the pillow and prevent the moisture during sleeping at night.

This kind of pillow is very flexible to be folded on both sides for extra thickness when you prefer to sleep on your side.

Pros –

  • Better posture
  • Breathable
  • Reduce snoring
  • Better spine alignment
  • Better sleep aid
  • Relax sore muscles
  • Made in USA

Cons –

  • Few people experienced allergy
  • Few people complained about the firmness
  • Expensive

Shop Arc4life Neck Pillow on Amazon

9. Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow

The Chiroflow Premium Water Pillow is highly recommended by chiropractors to decrease neck pain and increase the quality of sleep.

Because of the water core inside that pillow, it offers a smooth movement and great support in any sleep position. That water core allows you to support your head anywhere and it serves great support for pregnant women as well.

Medical research studies indicated that premium water pillow by Chiroflow decrease neck pain and easily adjustable according to the desired level of water to support neck and body throughout the night.

You can easily fill the chamber of the pillow by filling the pillow with ordinary tap water without the need to add or buy chemical additives. This water sensation gives a soothing, comfortable sensation towards pain-free nights.
The Chiroflow pillow is present in many sizes to fit standard and queen size cases. It is a great aid for sleepers in ant positions.

The inner side of the pillow is made of cool Dacron StaLoft Hollfil fiber fabric for a comfortable and durable night of sleep. It is made of polyester and water inside serves as an insulator to prevent retaining of the hear and act against the moisture.

The cover is easily washable and dryable so that you feel refreshed anytime you want to wash it. Not only that but also offers a great warranty guarantee for many years to secure customer satisfaction.


  • Durable
  • Sleep aid
  • Breathable
  • Better support
  • Soothing the neck pain
  • Adjustable
  • Made in USA

Cons –

  • Few people reported that they are uncomfortable and too fluffy

Shop Chiroflow Neck Pillow on Amazon

10.Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow

Classic Brands is one of the top brands in the industry.

They are known for their high quality and neck support. They care so much about the customer satisfaction and offers 5-star customer service, available 24 hours/7 days a week to ensure the security. In addition to that, They offer a 3-year warranty.

Their Conforma Memory Foam Pillow is made of memory foam with many perforations to provide air flow throughout the pillow all the time to keep it cool and prevent retaining heat.

This pillow confines and keeps its shape no matter how you sleep. It is the perfect choice for neck and back support for side and back sleeper and pregnant women.

The Conforma Memory Foam Pillow is 100% polyester which provides ergonomic support for sleeping in any position, with a comfortable premium plush velour knit cover that makes it easy to be washable and dryable.

It is naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial which resists dust mites, bacterias, and molds. Furthermore, it provides a calm environment for people who suffer from allergy.

Moreover, the firmness of that pillow allows neck support, pressure relief, and alignment of the neck along with the body for a better quality of sleep.

The Classic Brands Conforma Memory Foam Pillow is also occupied with a ventilated memory foam to regulate the body temperature and keep the cool environment during sleep.

Pros –

  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • Better support
  • Better sleep
  • Quality assurance
  • Anti-microbial
  • Reduce neck pain
  • Made in USA

Cons –

  • Few people reported that they are hard
  • Chemical smell

Shop Classic Brands Neck Pillow on Amazon

How to Choose Pillow for Neck Pain? – Buying Guide

Choosing the right pillow is very challenging. In fact , people spend around one-third of life sleeping yet we are unsure about how to buy a best pillow.

When neck exercises combined with the regular use of better neck-supporting pillow, it can relieve the condition to a great extent. [08]

When selecting the right pillow, you have to consider your sleep position. What works for side sleepers may not work for back sleepers or stomach sleepers. People who are side sleepers prefer pillow thicker in the sides more than the people sleep on the stomach or back.

There are different options in the list mentioned above. You have to take into consideration different factors to choose the right pillow including sleep position, neck support, and pain relief. For instance, Thick pillows are the best neck support for side sleepers, unlike back and stomach sleepers.

The filling material of the pillows plays an important rule for neck support and alleviating neck pain. Memory foam VS Water filled pillow. Those pillows are adjustable to any sleep position. They do not flatten or lose their shape during sleep.

Let us provide you a comprehensive guide how to choose your right pillow.

Adjust-ability & Alignment with Spine

The first thing to consider is the adjustability and the material inside the pillow.

People with neck pain consider using an adjustable pillow to conform to the head and keep the neck support and in alignment with the back and spine. For instance, Contoured pillows work the best, especially for back/side sleepers for better sleep posture.

The shredded material inside may be memory foam, water, gel foams. Or adjusted poly fiberfill. All those materials need to be added in proportions depending on the sleep position.

Back and side sleepers prefer medium to high loft and firm pillows, while stomach sleepers benefit more from lower loft pillows.

A study done by Harvard University demonstrated that People with neck pain prefer the pillows made of memory foam, water-based for their flexibility for neck support in any sleep position. Cervical Pillows are made for that purpose. [09]

Another study done by Johns Hopkins University confirmed that memory foam and water-based pillows help to adjust in any sleep position, absorb the pain in your spine, keep cool environment during the night, and adjust the level of firmness by adding/removing water.

Washable & Anti-Microbial Component

​The second thing to consider when you choose the right pillow is the ability to be washable, dry-able, and anti-microbial.

If you have dust in your home then possibly you having the dust mites too. Pillows and bed are the two favorite place of dust mites.

Dust mites allergy may trigger allergic rhinitis which can cause the sleep disturbance which may lead inadequate rest, and irritation. To avoid mites, you need washable neck pillow. [10]

This may not be on the top of your list when you are looking for a pillow to relieve your pain, however, the ability to clean your pillow will help you to create a better environment for a healthy sleeping and will be resistant for any dust mites, bacteria, or molds.

This is a long-term goal when you choose the right pillow. You want to buy a pillow that stays for years and stays for a long time.

Choosing a pillow that is easy to clean, with a washable case, inner case to be washed in a washing machine easily is a challenge. Another factor is the warranty and security measures.

Choosing a company that offers warranty for years to ensure your satisfaction is a big factor, especially if you are looking for a long-term pillow.

Consider sleep position & other factors

All of the pillows mentioned above are made of memory foams, polyester, or water-based. All of them provide neck support and comfortable sleeping during the night.

They also adjust according to your sleeping pattern. We have also mentioned that some pillows are a perfect choice for pregnant women for offering the support they might need.

Usually, memory foam or water-based pillows are the best choices for their flexibility and adjustability. Make sure to use a pillow with a good vetting system that prevents the buildup of the heat inside.

Moreover, All of us have seen the roll-shaped pillows in the airports, on the plane. Those are a perfect short-term choice for people with a neck pain while traveling to keep your head in support and decrease your neck pain and misalignment during the flight.

Conside sleep pattern

Three different types of neck pillow according to the sleep pattern of users are as follow:

Contoured pillow

Stomach sleepers prefer the least contoured pillows—Choosing a low loft pillow to support your neck and help your spine to be aligned with your neck.

Higher lobe pillow

Side sleepers prefer the most contoured pillows and the pillows with higher lobes of the side for better support and greater sleep quality

Moderate loft pillow

Back sleepers prefer a moderate amount of loft to support the neck and avoid pushing the neck out.

How to Reduce Neck Pain? (Tips & Tricks)

As with many other diseases, when it comes to neck pain, prevention is always better than cure. It is true that many times the causes of neck pain are not under our control and might need a prompt medical care.

However, there are many tips if you followed, you would be decreasing your risk of experiencing such pain. As we mentioned before, the first thing to do is to watch your sleep pattern and choose the right pillow accordingly. We will provide you some tips and tricks to alleviate your pain and maximize your level of activity.

Choosing the right sleeping pattern for the neck to endure—For example, the side sleepers and back sleepers are the easiest two positions on the neck.

Tips For Back Sleepers

If you are a back sleeper, try to choose the contoured pillow to support the curve of your neck. This can be done by choosing a flatter and softer neck with a higher sides/indentions to support the neck in every way possible and consequently, to decrease the neck pain.

Try using a pillow that conforms to your neck shape and adjustable enough not to be flattened or collapsing during sleep so that it could support you during the whole night.

Try to choose the right pillow with a proper warranty guarantee to avoid replacing the pillow every year.

Try to choose the memory foam pillow. Those kinds of pillows are the best to conform to the neck and head contour. They serve the best to support neck and body alignment. Most of the travelers, for instance, use the roll-shaped memory foam pillows to support the neck in the short term travel time.

Avoid using too firm or too high pillows. Those kinds of pillows keep the neck flexed and out of proportion all the night. Such types cause more bad than good. They aggravate the neck pain and cause more pain and stiffness at morning.

Tips For Side Sleepers

If you are a side sleeper, It is the best to keep your spine straight and aligned with higher under your neck than your head. That position will help to give more support for the neck.

Try to get a proper pillow when you are watching TV, traveling by plane, car, or train. Horseshoe-shaped pillow help to support both sides of the neck and prevent dropping of your neck to either side.

Try also to use a proper pillow size because if you are watching TV and keeping your back supported by a hug pillow, this will force your head to move forward and increase your neck pain.

Tips For Stomach Sleepers

Sleeping on stomach is very hard to support on your neck and spine as well. Stomach sleepers usually arch heir back and make the neck position more to the side f the body.

It is always the better to change your sleeping pattern, however, it is very hard to do that in old age. Sleeping position is usually acquired early in life and difficult to change.

It always better to try to sleep on your side or your back to support your neck, your spine, and have the healthiest support you might need.

Sleep Pattern & Disturbance

Medical research studies in Harvard School suggested that sleeping position is not only the determining factor for a better neck support. However, sleep pattern itself plays a role in the musculoskeletal pain including neck and spine pain.

In one comparative study, the researchers observed the musculoskeletal pain in 4140 healthy individuals with and without sleep problems.

The Sleeping problems include early wakening, difficulty staying asleep, or difficulty to maintain it. They found that people who reported a moderate to severe sleeping problems are more likely to have a chronic neck or spine pain after one year than those with little or no problem with sleeping.

Those researchers suggested that the possible explanation is that the sleep disturbances affect the muscle relaxation and healing process that normally happen during sleep.

Disrupting the sleep cycle causes chronic fatigue and pain disorder.

Bottom Line:

All the pillows mentioned here are great options to reduce neck pain while enjoying the support and comfort.
They are very important for anyone who might experience long-term neck pain and have a difficulty when waking up refreshed or working for a long period, especially at the office.

Making the right pillow choice and using the recommended guide is very important to achieve the desired result. So make sure to use the suitable pillow that is compatible with your sleeping pattern, filling material, and size needs.

We also want to tell you that sometimes those pillows may not work for you, especially if you are suffering from a wear and tear problem in the neck, tumor, infection, or disc herniation. In that case, It is always the best to consult a medical physician if you did not get better in the long term.

Whether you are suffering from neck pain, insomnia, or any problem in sleeping, I assure you to follow the above-mentioned instructions to get the comfort and luxury you might need and to get the best sleeping quality.

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