Best Over the Counter Wart Remover Products & How to Use Them!

Warts are nothing but the raised skin bumps caused by HPV (Human papillomavirus). Often, low immunity facilitate or reactivate the HPV and leads to the formation of warts. Warts are harmless skin lesions but can be painful sometimes and are contagious.

HPV can cause the formation of a wart on almost any part of the body but the face, fingers, fingertips, hands, legs, genitals, mouth, tongue, arms and feet are some common areas where warts can be found. [01]

Being a viral infection, as of now, warts do not have any curative treatment (which mean we can’t completely eliminate or kill the virus) but they can be removed with various line of treatment including several home remedies & professional medical treatment like salicylic acid application, cryotherapy, electrocautery, etc. [02]

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What is the best over the counter wart remover?

Usually, warts fade away on its own but it may take years. So, if you decide to treat them at home then the first thing you should apply is an over-the-counter wart remover that contains the salicylic acid. It available in gel, pads, liquid and cream form and the concentration of salicylic acid vary accordingly. Best way to treat them is to apply external wart removal cream, liquid or home remedies and enhancing immunity at the same time.[/thrive_text_block]


In this article, we will have a look over the various over-the-counter wart removing topical applications that includes wart remover creams, gel & liquid. You can buy them at your store or on Amazon for a few bucks, follow the instructions and get rid of your warts.

Compound W for Warts

“Compound W” is a registered trademark & an umbrella term for various types of wart removing products that being sold under this brand. They sell gel, liquids & medicated pads.

Their gel & medicated pads contain Salicylic acid as an active ingredient, which is proven and FDA approved treatment for various types of warts. Especially they work to remove common & plantar warts.

Compound W gel has 17% salicylic acid & medicated pads have 40% salicylic acid while Nitrofreeze pen has nitrous oxide. They claim it as a first non-prescription nitrous oxide wart treatment.

Check out:

  1. Compound W salicylic acid wart remover gel (17% S.A.)
  2. Compound W salicylic acid medicated pads (40% S.A.)
  3. Compound W nitrofreeze pen (Nitrous oxide)

Wart Stick Max Strength Wart Remover

Wart Stick Wart Removal Treatment Review

Another wart removal product that has 40% salicylic acid.

The best thing about wart-stick max strength is that it comes in the form of a solid stick. It makes it an easy-to-apply wart treatment.

It can only be used in common & plantar warts and should never be used over genital warts as it contains salicylic acid which might burn the sensitive skin around the genitals.

You can buy the wart stick on Amazon for just a few dollars & do not forget to read the various reviews by other users to get more insight about it.

How to use?

Using wart stick is an insanely easy job, but as it contains salicylic acid, you need to be careful not to apply it over skin surrounding the wart.

  1. First, take a band-aid and make a small hole in it.
  2. Clean, dry & gently rub the top of the wart with a pumice stone.
  3. Apply band-aid with a hole over the wart in such a way that your wart can protrude out of it.
  4. Now apply wart stick over the wart and remove the band-aid once you finish applying medication.

If you experience severe burning or inflammation then consult your doctor.

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel

Bazuka Extra Strength Gel for Wart Removal

No wonder, every other product that helps to get rid of warts contain salicylic acid. Bazuka gel is no exception to that rule. It does contain 26% salicylic acid as an active ingredient with several other inactive chemicals like camphor, pyroxylin, acetone, povidone & ethanol.

How to use?

Clean, dry and rub the wart and apply bazuka extra strength gel over the top of the wart with a provided nozzle. Be careful while applying this as it is a gel and may get spread over the normal skin that surrounds wart. It may burn a bit after application.

Get the bazuka extra strength gel on Amazon and read the provided instructions thoroughly before you apply it. Also, refer bazuka extra strength gel reviews over Amazon.

Dr. Scholl’s FreezeAway Wart Remover (for Common &Plantar Warts)

Dr. Scholls FreezeAway Wart Remover Over-The-Counter Product

One of the innovative technique to remove warts at home. It combines the power of two methods – freezing the wart and removing it using fast acting liquid remover. Dr. Scholl’s known to produce the quality products that help to remove warts. This is one also shown a good effect on plantar and common warts.

It contains salicylic acid as an active ingredient with dimethyl ether and propane as a freeze-away agent. The product is highly flammable and should be used cautiously. If you are allergic to any ingredient then avoid using it or if you experience burning or allergic reaction after its application then immediately contact the physician.

How to use?

  1. Dr. Scholl’s freeze away wart remover comes with a can and blue activator.
  2. Screw the tip in can then push the can in the blue activator.
  3. Apply the freeze-away solution for 20 seconds on common warts and up to 40 seconds on plantar warts.
  4. Before you apply it on plantar warts, you can wash and soak them for a few minutes in the wart for better results.

Get the Dr. Scholl’s FreezeAway wart remover on Amazon.

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