Best Electronic Wart Remover – Buying Guide and Reviews

Though electrocauterization of wart is one of the popular treatment options, the market provides the limited options of best electronic wart remover to choose from. Maybe it because of Warbater electronic wart remover leads the industry and quite popular among the users. However, there are few options available which can be used for the purpose … Read more

Black Spots on Warts – What Does it Mean When a Wart Turns Black?

Many people have been afflicted with warts in different parts of their bodies, and correctly identifying them isn’t very difficult. Sometimes, though, warts don’t look like what people would normally expect, or they start out looking normal but change their appearance after a while. This includes warts turning black or warts that have black dots … Read more

Putting Super Glue on Warts: Does it Kill Warts?

Efficacy How it Works? Can wart suffocate? How to Remove A simple DIY project at home can lead to a sticky experience if you get the super glue on your skin. Sometimes it even glues the fingers together or may stick the skin with DIY tools. Though getting super glue on the skin is not … Read more

Wartrol Reviews: How Does Wartrol Work as Wart Remover?

Warts are an unsightly condition that many people wish they could treat easily and quickly. This article highlights the types of warts that can be found in humans, and is a review of Wartrol™, a topical wart remover. What is Wartrol? Wartrol™ is a liquid topical wart remover, sold as an over-the-counter medication that does … Read more