Best Electronic Wart Remover – Buying Guide and Reviews

Though electrocauterization of wart is one of the popular treatment options, the market provides the limited options of best electronic wart remover to choose from. Maybe it because of Warbater electronic wart remover leads the industry and quite popular among the users.

However, there are few options available which can be used for the purpose of removing warts. We will discuss the best choices, pros, and cons of electrocauterization method and other things you should know.

What is electrocauterization?

As the name suggests, electrocauterization uses the heat generated by the electric device to cauterize the body tissues. Cauterization is the medical procedure where a doctor or surgeon uses the heat to burn the tissues to remove or close off part of it.

Often, electrocauterization is the choice of treatment doctor prefer to remove warts. Electronic wart remover then used to cauterize the growth of wart and usually, one set of treatment is sufficient to remove warts. If the patient has several warts then the doctor may ask them to complete the procedure in a few settings.

The method of removing warts using the electrosurgery is named as ‘Electrofulguration’ and is used to remove the extra skin growth that is less likely to bleed after removal. A single electrode is used that produces low amperage current with high voltage. [01]

Project E Beauty Pro Machine

‘Project E Beauty’ has several skins related products that help users to get rid of acne, warts, and freckles. This machine is specially designed for the purpose of electrocauterization of various skin growths.

Project E Beauty Pro Electronic Wart Remover

The machine comes with the wand, needles and uses the heat from electricity to remove warts. Electricity is used to generate the heat which passed on to the needle and hot needle is then applied to the affected spot or wart which leads to cauterization.


  • Sturdy machine
  • Can help to treat warts, skin tags or other benign growth.
  • Can adjust the temperature.
  • Electricity is not sent into the body.[/one_half_first]


  • Bit expensive than other wart removal options
  • Require detailed instructions on how it works[/one_half_last]

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HANO Electric Face Wart & Skin Tag Spot Removal

A specially designed, portable electric device that helps to remove warts and skin tags on face uses the high frequency and low temperature. It comes under just 50 bucks and useful for removing the face warts. The device has the shape of the pen and easy to hold and use.

HANO Electric Face Wart & Skin Tag Spot Removal

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How to prepare for using electric wart remover?

Though electrocauterization doesn’t need special preparation, we will see what things we need to consider while removing warts using electrocautery.

First of all, the doctor will clean the affected area and may remove the hairs surrounding warts to avoid the infection after the procedure. Also, if the patient has several warts to remove doctor may ask to treat warts in two or more visits or will provide mild local anesthesia to reduce possible pain. Usually, electrocauterization of warts is easy to perform, painless procedure but mild irritation and minimum bleeding can be experienced. [02]



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