How Does Garlic Get Rid of Warts?

Throughout history, garlic gained a special place and being used as food & medicine in various countries.

Garlic, a native herb to central Asia, being used since more than 5000 years and spread across the globe due to its surprising health benefits.

It also known as Allium Sativum and belongs to the onion (allium) family. Though mankind used this medicinal herb for decades, evidence-based clinical research has been geared up since the last few years to understand its various medicinal properties.

[thrive_text_block color=”blue”]To use garlic to remove warts, clean the area with water and apply a freshly crushed garlic over the wart. Keep it in place with a bandage or a tape for an hour and remove it. Apply twice daily for a couple of weeks to see the results.

Mild burning around the wart is expected but if it burns heavily, remove garlic, wash the area & consult the doctor.[/thrive_text_block]

How does it work?

Various studies support the useful effects of garlic extract in the wide range of health ailments. “Allicin”, one of the active compounds in garlic is found to be responsible for health benefits of garlic. It has anti-tumour properties, anti-microbial action and can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. [01]

Warts are caused by the HPV virus and spread via skin-skin contact. Garlic work by acting as an antiviral agent, boosting immunity and reducing inflammation by working as anti-oxidant.

It can be used to treat cutaneous warts but its use in genital warts are limited as it may cause burning. Also, it should not be used to treat warts on the face for the same reason.

Antiviral effects

Garlic has strong antimicrobial properties. Thanks to Allicin – an active compound of garlic.

Allicin has antiviral, antibacterial, antiparasitic and antifungal activity. Freshly crushed garlic is more useful and shows these medicinal activities. [02]

Immunity Booster

Allium sativum showed a positive effect against various viruses when tested in the laboratory. Also, it exhibits antiviral property by working as immunomodulator (an agent that modify the response of immunity). It activates the macrophages – cells that play an important role to enhance immunity. [03]

A study conducted in 2004, shown the promising results to remove warts using garlic extract. Chloroform extract of garlic was applied to warts that resulted in complete regression of cutaneous warts with no recurrence even after 3-4 months.[04]

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How to use Garlic to remove warts?

To use garlic to get rid of warts, use it as follows –

1. Clean the wart and the area around it with clean water & let it dry.

2. Take a fresh clove of garlic, peel it and crush it completely.

3. Apply this crushed garlic directly to cutaneous warts.

4. Use surgical tape to keep it in place & leave it for a couple of hours.

5. Repeat the procedure twice a day for a week or two. [/thrive_text_block]

Note: Garlic can cause burning of the skin. So, if you experience burning or any other sensation like itching, tingling etc. then immediately remove the garlic and clean the area with water.

Risk to consider

Garlic is a safe herb to use in food as well as to apply to warts, if you are not sensitive to its compound.

If you feel burning after application of garlic, remove it and clean the area with water. If you notice rashes or itching, then consult your doctor immediately.

When to see a doctor?

If your warts don’t respond to this home remedy within a few weeks, you might need to see a doctor to start medical treatment or surgery.

Other Natural Remedies

Warts can be treated with various natural remedies.

If garlic burns your skin, you can use other home remedies and essential oils to combat the growth of warts. Tea tree oil, oregano oil and duct tape are proven to help remove warts.

Also, you can seek help dermatologist to get your wart removed surgically. The doctor may cauterize or freeze your wart.

[thrive_text_block color=”light”]Bottom line: As we can see, garlic is a useful, natural & cheap option that can help to get rid of warts. It should be used for a few weeks to get the results.

Though, data from clinical studies for its effect on warts are limited it can be a handy home remedy for wart removal and might cause skin burning in some cases. [/thrive_text_block]

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