Leading Myths About Warts: Debunked

You will agree with me when I say, ‘There are lots of myths being circulated when it comes to warts’

If you are the one who heard some astonishing things about warts that are hard to believe then you should read our post further because we will be going to dissect all those myths today!

When we started researching about people views about warts, we came across the 3 dominant myths that being circulated as truth.

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Believe us, many people think that the following things are real about warts –

  1. Toad causes warts
  2. Warts are an early sign of cancer.
  3. Warts do not grow once treated.
  4. Wart has roots.

but they are just myths![/thrive_text_block]

Can Toad Cause Warts to Grow on Our Skin?


This is one of the most popular belief about warts.

Many people think that warts are caused when one gets into the contact with certain toads.

This is really hard to believe to those who know that warts can only be caused by an infection of human papilloma virus.

Basically, toads are not able to carry the human papilloma virus, so there, not a single chance that one can get infected with HPV transmitted from a toad. But one can get an allergic reaction after getting in contact with the toad’s skin. Some toads have the ability to secrete fluids over the skin that contains allergens.

These allergens or chemicals can create skin irritation & redness. One might get the rashes because of these chemicals. Always remember that warts are not caused by any toad. HPV is the only reason behind every wart and they can be easily treated with multiple types of treatments including home remedies, over the counter solutions and surgeries.

Do warts are the early signs of cancer?

This myth has a strong ability to create fear and panic in those who have some kind warts on their skin.

Cancer Cells

As most of us know that cancer is a chronic, painful incurable disease, people get panicked when they see warts and thinks that they are going to suffer from cancer in near future.

Well, this is one of the most popular myths that are being talked about warts.

Science could not able to find any relation between warts and cancer, neither it is termed as a cause of cancer in the medical literature.

Though some people can suffer from extensive wart growth on the skin that might look unpleasant, be informed that it will not cause you cancer.

It can be possible that a person having wart might be suffering from cancer which may be caused by some another reason. But wart will not cause cancer to anyone.

But, if you have severe wart growth near the mouth and genitals then you should immediately seek an expert opinion because these warts can predispose the soft tissue to form a tumour.

Certain strains of the Human papillomavirus has been found in a few patients who are suffering from cervical cancer. SO it is possible that there is a certain relation between HPV and cancer in soft tissues. Being that said, warts on the skin area that are not much sensitive like palm, soles etc does not cause cancer.

Warts do not grow once treated.

Many people confused over this issue. They think that once wart gets removed from the skin, the job is done and no more warts will appear.

But wart is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. So unless and until those virus gets removed from our bloodstream, nobody can predict that warts will not grow again once it gets removed from the skin.

If you have severe warts on skin then you should take some medicine that suppresses the papillomavirus and halt its growth. Once all warts on skin get removed, you should opt in for anti-viral treatment that will prevent warts growth in future.