We are here to help you pursue your health and wellness goal.

Wellness is a dynamic process of growth & change.

A mere absence of illness is not wellness. It is an active pursuit of being aware of and making the best choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life.

In this digital world, staying healthy and being fit takes a lot of efforts. You may feel down, lethargic and may think of giving up your wellness goals.

We understand how it feels, that’s why we are here to make it easy for you to understand the complex health system of the human body, soul, and mind.

At wellness facts, we believe in spreading the expert-reviewed information about health and wellness.

Our Vision

Our goal is to provide more accurate, well-researched & unbiased information about health and wellness to every health enthusiast, that we strongly believe help them to educate themselves on their health condition. We always on the hunt to find new research and its outcome.

At Wellness Facts, we take a deep dive into every health topic that we write an article about.

Our medical research & content writing team uses the peer-reviews studies, academic resources, reputable sources and relevant life experiences to write unbiased articles about the various topics.

Our in-depth, honest and unbiased approach of research allows us to provide you the fact-based information in plain English so that it can help you make an informed decisions about yourself and your family.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Sachin B.

Dr. Sachin is a chief content strategist for wellnessfacts.net and he loves to share the various health ideas that are easy to follow. He has a bachelors degree in homeopathy and surgery.

He is a health enthusiast and loves to spread awareness about staying well and healthy. When he is not practicing medicine and writing the content, you can find him watching science fiction movies and munching on the popcorns!

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Dr. Dhondiram B.


Dr. Dhondiram Bille

[/one_third_first][two_third_last]Dr. Dhondiram completed MBBS from the Miraj government medical college and is a practicing medicine for more than two decades. Over the last few years, he developed an interest in medical writings and with his vast experience in the medicine allowed him to create authoritative, evidence-based medical literature.

He writes articles for wellnessfacts.net and makes sure that they are evidence-based and easy to understand to the common public. In his articles, he tries to simplify the medical jargons for the understanding of the common person.

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Dr. Amir Moussa.


[/one_third_first][two_third_last](Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery) MBBCh.

Licensed Medical Practitioner. Amir is a medical copywriter and loves to write evidence-based, informative articles.

Holds a bachelor’s degree in medicine and general surgery.

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Dr. Swati.


Dr. Swati

[/one_third_first][two_third_last]Licensed Medical Practitioner. BHMS from the MUHS, India.

Has considerable research experience but also enjoys writing about various health ailment for the general readership.

She keeps fit by doing Yoga and pursues healthy cooking when she is not practicing or writing.