Knotty Lump & Bump On Bottom of Foot – What Are They?

Lumps & bump on the bottom of the foot can be a result of many underlying disorders like plantar fibromatosis, plantar warts, cysts, Haglund’s deformity & sarcoma. Usually patient refer these bumps as nodules, cyst, knot, swelling, and lumps. Whatever you name it, it is a swelling or a growth visible on the bottom of … Read more

Cuboid Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Exercises

Foot Pain

Causes Risk factors Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment FAQs Cuboid syndrome is a condition that results from the trauma or injury to calcaneocuboid joint and surrounding ligaments. The cuboid bone is located on the outer side of the foot and is one of the seven tarsal bones of the foot. [01] Cuboid syndrome is characterized by pain, … Read more

Tennis Toe – What Does It Mean? Prevention & Treatment

Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Prevention Pictures Tennis toe is an extremely painful condition of big toe caused by the collection of small to large hematoma under the nail of toe. Also known as subungual hematoma, skier’s toe and runner’s toe. The most common cause of tennis toe is repetitive injuries or blunt trauma to the … Read more

Extensor Tendonitis – Braces, Treatment, Recovery & More

Ankle Brace List Causes Symptoms Treatment Exercises Extensor tendonitis is defined as an inflammation of extensor tendons. These tendons are found in hands and feet. In this article, we will discuss the foot extensor tendonitis, its causes, symptoms, treatment, and what are the best braces for extensor tendonitis. We could able to move the big … Read more

Pain Relieving Essential Oils For Sore & Aching Feet

Should you give a try to essential oils for sore feet? Science says: YES It actually a Good idea to massage your feet or take a foot bath with some drops of relaxing essential oils. According to medical science, using essential oils for foot pain can bring relief in many cases. We all know that … Read more