Essential Oils for Hangover That Works!

‘Hangover’ naturally occur after over-consumption of alcohol, which is associated with dreadful feeling and that may not be unpleasant for every case. However, repeated hangover negatively affect performance level and conflicting with the work environment. The generally higher quantity of alcohol drinking provides next day hangover. But the hangover symptoms naturally gets rid off within … Read more

How Can I Make my Knees Stronger? – List of 21 Knee Strengthening Exercises to Get Started.

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Knee strengthening exercises are recommended for everyone, especially for those recovering from a knee injury or a knee disorder. With various strengthening exercises, a relief of symptoms and especially of the knee pain is achieved. Sometimes knee strengthening exercises can help a person prevent reoccurring problems in the future. The recovery period is also shorter … Read more

How to Use Peppermint Oil for Acne?


Overview How it work? Recipe to Use Risks FAQs Peppermint is one of the commonly used and widely popular species from the genus Mentha. The fresh leaves of peppermint (mentha+pepperita) are available throughout the year and usually used in herbal teas or flavoring the food items and in skincare products. This aromatic herb is native … Read more

Best Essential Oils for Headaches


How oil helps? Headache overview List of essential oils Essential oils are extensively used in aromatherapy to relieve various medical conditions. Some health benefits of essential oils are now backed by science while some are yet to be proved or they are used empirically since ages. Essential oils are highly-concentrated compounds extracted from the various … Read more

Cuboid Syndrome – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Exercises

Foot Pain

Causes Risk factors Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment FAQs Cuboid syndrome is a condition that results from the trauma or injury to calcaneocuboid joint and surrounding ligaments. The cuboid bone is located on the outer side of the foot and is one of the seven tarsal bones of the foot. [01] Cuboid syndrome is characterized by pain, … Read more

Best Unloader Knee Brace – Reviews & Buying Guide

Brace List Types of Brace How it Works Buying Guide The best unloader knee brace doesn’t necessarily have to be the most expensive ones, but more importantly, it must provide all the benefits and extra support that your fatigued and overworked muscles require. Knee braces are a necessity for strained and sprained knees that have … Read more

Best Massage Cushions for Chair That Relax Your Back

Massage is the most ancient, widely accepted and researched alternative therapy in the world. Massage is a practice that includes the kneading and rubbing of muscles and joints by hands to relieve the tension and pain. It helps to relax mentally & physically. Massage may improve the quality of life in those suffering from chronic … Read more

Sour Stomach – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

It’s extremely common to get a sour stomach, dyspepsia or indigestion after eating or drinking. Usually, this condition is less harmful and can easily be treated at home using bland food items of herbal remedies. But if it persists for several days then it can be a cause of concern. Sour stomach is also called … Read more

What is Brachial Neuritis?

Overview Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Prognosis & Recovery Inflammation (neuropathy) of the brachial plexus is known as Brachial Neuritis. [01] Brachial plexus is a bunch of nerves that runs through the shoulder and helps to control the hand, shoulder & arm. It is one of the reasons that trigger the severe pain in the shoulder … Read more