Best Mattress for Wall Bed (Murphy Bed) – Reviews & Buying Guide

Murphy bed-named generically as a wall-bed or fold-down bed-is attached to one end of the bed to be easily folded up into the wall or cabinet or closet.

That kind of beds is the perfect fit for small apartment spaces such as studio/condo apartments, dormitory spaces, mobile homes, and contemporary home environment.


Tuft & Needle Mattress

(Editors Choice)

10 Years

Zinus Sleep Memory Foam

10 Years

Serta Pro-Comfort Memory Foam

20 Years

Red Nomand Memory Foam

10 Years

Ever asked why the wall beds are named ” Murphy Beds”?

Fine, Let us know the story together.

The story goes back at the beginning of last century in 1900’s when a young man called William L. Murphy, who moved to San Francisco and worked many jobs.

He worked as a horse trainer, stagecoach driver, and even worked in the prison for a short duration, then he moved to the city to marry and settle down in his life.

At that time, there was a problem that the society was furious when a man entertains a woman in his bedroom plus Murphy wanted to entertain his friends around and he was living in a small one-room apartment. Then, he began to think about creating a space and fell in love with the folding bed idea.

Murphy was in love with a woman who worked as an opera singer(who he married later) and he wanted to visit her badly. Out of necessity, he invented a new bed that is attached to the wall and folded up vertically and make the place more acceptable to entertain the woman and fit into the society common beliefs.

Murphy then developed his invention and took a loan from his father to patent his invention and start his company which is still in the business till now.

In 1989, The court in the United States of America ruled that Murphy bed is no longer acceptable for the protection of the trademark, however, wall beds are still attached to the name ” Murphy” till now.

Moreover, The Murphy beds have many advantages that make it a favorable choice for many people

Since after, Murphy beds were used commonly as a setup for comic movies, silent movies and television earlier in the cinema history. Charlie Chaplin used murphy beds in many comic scenes as well.

Space– Murphy beds are folded vertically into a closet or cabinet after sleeping so that you could use that space for other purposes during the rest of the day.

Financialinvestment– Murphy beds were known at times of being cheaper than other beds.

Benefits– Murphy beds are very useful and accommodating for everyone in the family including the pets.

Despite the various benefits of the Murphy beds, It has some disadvantages which include:

Comfort– Murphy beds are known for being less comfortable than the regular ones because they are made of wire mesh instead of box springs.

No space for Decoration– If decoration is a top on your list, Murphy bed will not be the best choice for you. They lack headboards, footboard, and bed rails which leave no space for decoration.

Effort and time Investment– You will be obliged to fold up the bed daily every morning. This is tendinous time and effort investment, especially for the older people.

Top 5 Murphy Bed Mattresses for Wall Bed

We are going to review the best five bed mattresses for Murphy bed. Those are very effective and highly recommended.

  1. The Red Nomad Luxury Memory Foam Mattress
  2. Zinus Sleep Master Ultimate Comfort Memory Foam
  3. The Serta Pro-Comfort Callaway Plush
  4. Tuft&Needle Mattress
  5. Linenspa 8″ Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

The Red Nomand Luxury Memory Foam Mattress

The Red Nomand Luxury Memory Foam Mattress For Murphy bed

This mattress is manufactured by Red noman.

This is a perfect choice for a wall bed for many reasons including being breathable which allows the air enter throughout the mattress and guard against temperature retention, hypoallergenic which prevents against dust mites and allergens and makes it very soft for people with sensitive skin, and being made of memory foam makes it more durable.

This mattress is made with CetriPUR-US certified foam which is 10 inches in thickness and serves to relieve the pain and soothe the body aches.

Furthermore, The Red Nomad Luxury Memory Foam Mattress also comes with a comfortable cover and available in Twin/Twin XL sizes. Moreover, It comes with three pieces consisting of two pillows and one slipcover. It is very affordable as well.

If you have a new Murphy Bed and want a mattress for a long-term use, Try to consider that one.


  • checkSoft & Breathable
  • checkAffordable & Durable
  • checkHypo-allegenic


  • checkSome found it to be very thin

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Zinus Sleep Master Ultimate Comfort Memory Foam

Zinus Sleep Master Ultimate Comfort Memory Foam Wall Bed Mattress

This is the one for you if you are looking for a refreshing sleeping night.

It is manufactured by Zinus Inc. This mattress is made of comfortable memory foam which makes it conforming to your bed position.

This foam is CetriPUR-US certified which makes it more durable and trusted in the performance and content.

This mattress consists of two inches memory foam, two inches foam to alleviate the pressure and four inches high-density base to support the foam.

Biofoam is the newest evolution of Memory foam where the natural plant oil replaces the petroleum to help the mattress be refreshed all the time.

Additionally, This mattress is effectively shipped, smartly compressed, and makes it very convenient to you.


  • checkSoft & Compressible
  • checkHigh quality memory foam
  • checkDurable & Breathable
  • checkSmartly Shiped


  • checkStrong Smell
  • checkExpensive

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The Serta Pro-Comfort Callaway Plush

The Serta Pro-Comfort Callaway Plush Murphy Bed Mattress

This is the type of mattress that serves for more than one purpose. It is more than a comfortable mattress for Murphy bed.

This mattress can provide warmth and relief to alleviate sore muscle, reduce stress, warm your cold feet, alleviate your arthritic pain, and finally, to calm your brain and soothe your nerves.

Serta is one of the leading companies which manufactures a high quality and luxurious ultra-plush fabrics which ensure your comfort, makes it more durable and those soft fabrics add more comfort to your tired and cold body. Moreover, It is the perfect fit for sleeping and relaxation.

This mattress measures 35X20 Inch which makes it large enough to accommodate your feet with your beloved one. Very easy to use the warming controlling to adjust the temperature.

This one is the perfect choice for anyone who feels exhausted. It serves the best option for warming you up and long-term choice for a murphy bed.


  • checkSooth Pain
  • checkWarming Controller
  • checkSoft & Accomodating


  • checkExpensive

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Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle Mattress for Wall Bed

This is the type of mattress that offers you everything you might need.

Tuft and Needle mattress foam is one of the best seller mattresses all over the world because they are engineered by the best scientists worldwide, very soft, relieve the pressure, conform your body shape, and helps to cool the temperature.

The T&N foam is very distinctive from the other foams because It is not half the comfort like Egg crate foam, not retaining heat like memory foam, very supportive unlike the latex, yet firm, unlike the springs/coils.

It had more than 90% approval rate with less than 2% return rate. T&N mattress provides you the bouncy, supportive, cool, accommodating for all sleeping positions. You should allow around 3 days for the mattress to expand fully and dissipate any unwanted odors.

The company ensures the safety and security of its customers by allowing 10-year warranty plan, one hundred night sleep trials, and smart-shipment plan to make it compressed and safely shipped.


  • check10 year warranty
  • check100 Night sleep trial
  • checkHassle free return


  • checkExpensive
  • checkTake time to expand fully
  • check Few people reported allergy

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Linenspa Memory Foam & Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

This mattress is a perfect fit for a cozy bed in a cozy space.

This 8-inch hybrid mattress provides a comfortable, supportive, and pressure-relieving qualities different from the ordinary memory foam for any traditional mattress.

It consists of four main layers: a layer of memory foam that joins another layer of soft fabric cover together, a 1.5-inch layer of memory foam is helpful to conform your sleep position and distribute your body weight evenly throughout the mattress, and a thin pad to insulate springs for a smooth and durable sleeping time.

It is also deeply supported through a steel coil for an excellent back support yet bouncy feeling.

The foam used in Linespa mattresses is certified by CertiPUR-US for durability, performance, and quality.

This mattress is special for pain and pressure relief. The company is very committed to ensuring the customer satisfaction by providing 10-year warranty, smart shipment in a safe and convenient packing box, and allowing a hassle-free return.


  • checkDurable & Supportive
  • checkPressure Relief
  • checkCentriPUR-US Certified
  • check10-year Warranty


  • checkSome people found it to be a very firm

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How to choose t​​​​​he right mattress for your Murphy bed wisely?

You might wonder what is the best mattress for your Murphy/wall-bed.

Do not worry! We will provide you with a guide how to choose your mattress, however, you can use any mattress as long as it is comfortable.

Although wall beds are perfect for those on a tight budget or living in a cozy apartments/ condos or student dormitory, those who want to save more space, choosing the right mattress, with the right frames that are suitable with your bed manufacturer’s measurements, can be a little bit difficult.

There are many steps you could follow to choose the right mattress for you include:

The Bed Dimensions

We all know that Murphy beds come in every shape and size. You might want a single bed or double bed depending on your choice or your space.

It is very crucial to measure the length, width, and the height of your wall bed frame and important to buy the mattress that simply fit those three dimensions.

For example, The frame of the standard bed should fit the mattress size either queen, full, or twin. Furthermore, the thickness of the mattress matters so much because sometimes the mattress is too thick to fit in.

The Right Support System

Murphy beds offer many options when you choose the right support system for your mattress.

This usually depends on your needs and desires. Some people opt for the air mattress which is very popular and give you the freedom to inflate and deflate it so that it fits the wall bed structure.

While Others prefer the innerspring mattresses or the memory foam ones or combination of memory foam and gel.

Whatever system you might prefer, always choose the comfortable mattress which supports your back in every sleeping position and ensure your spinal alignment.

The Storing Method and the Need for additional Frame

The primary purpose of using the wall bed is to save a space in your cozy apartment. That’s why the storage method for the mattress when not in use is very crucial.

Murphy beds have different mechanisms of action when they are folded up. Some of them store the mattresses on a metal frame and some store it directly on a special platform.

You have to make sure if your new mattress will have enough support system when installed on the frame of wall bed or not. If not, you better buy an additional support, otherwise, the bed will not be able to accommodate its weight.You might use this guide to simply choose the right mattress for you. However, Your comfort will remain the top priority in any choice you will be making to choose either the wall bed or the right mattress for it

Bottom Line: Wall beds come in every shape and size. They are very practical and cheap method to save space and money.

You should consider very wisely the right shape and size for your comfort and your space as well and ensure that whatever method you have used or preferred, Your comfort should come first

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