Essential Oils for Hangover That Works!

‘Hangover’ naturally occur after over-consumption of alcohol, which is associated with dreadful feeling and that may not be unpleasant for every case. However, repeated hangover negatively affect performance level and conflicting with the work environment.

The generally higher quantity of alcohol drinking provides next day hangover. But the hangover symptoms naturally gets rid off within 24 hours. Depending upon the individual’s tolerability, the alcohol quantity varies from individual to individual to produce a hangover. Therefore, from prior experience, an individual should fix his/her alcohol dosing to avoid a repetitive hangover.

The hangover-associated symptoms are tiredness and weakness, dry mouth and excessive thirst, dizziness, headache, heaviness in head, nausea, vomiting, abdominal discomfort, disturbed sleep, avoid light exposure and irritation with noise because of hypersensitivity, unsteadiness, difficulty to concentration, mood swing, depression, irritability, anxiety, fast heartbeat. [1]

All these symptoms arise due to metabolic products of alcohol (ethanol and/or methanol), the acetaldehyde accumulated in the body and toxic effect negatively affect on certain hormone secretion, immune system disorders, dehydration due to frequent urination as alcohol has diuretic effect, and sleep disturbance due to interrupted sleep cycle.

Heavy alcohol consumption and hangover not only provides the short-term effect, but it also increases life-threatening outcome by increasing the risk of cardiac stroke.

Chronic alcohol users often develop sleep-related health problems. Continuous sleep problems often cause impaired visual-spatial skills. [2,3,4] Thus, do not overlook the hangover problem, but treat naturally to reduce the drug load in a physiological compartment.

Essential oil therapy is one of the natural ways to treat a hangover with a variety of health benefits, which are also effective to provide long-term benefits to chronic alcohol consumers.

How Can Essential Oils Help Cure the Hangover?

Essential oils are good detoxifier, as they diffuse through skin pores and increase the metabolic functioning of the body, which assists to flush out toxic substances. [5]

In addition, some of the essential oil has the capability to boost the immune system by increasing phagocytic ability. [6] This also assists to detoxify our physiological system.

The benefits of treating a hangover with essential oil also obtain due to essential oil therapy has a positive interaction with hormonal and glandular functioning, improve emotional state of mind by providing a calming effect, enhance memory and workability and alertness and also assist in blood circulation.

The mechanism of action of essential oil to provide these benefits is due to activation of the receptors, which improves neurotransmission signalling.

The activation of the hypothalamus and limbic system of brain releases serotonin, endorphins, which provide a feeling of relief by altering the neurological functioning.

In addition, essential oil has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, which can treat body ache, headache and other hangover symptoms effectively and the energy boosting ability also improve depression-like symptoms. [7]

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has some specific action in the neurological system.

Lavender Flowers

The reaction with the cholinergic system can provide anti-depression, anti-anxiety, anticonvulsant, and analgesic effects. It improves overall mood by modulating GABAergic neurotransmission.

Lavender oil can improve overall brain functionality by enhancing blood circulation.

A placebo-controlled human research study showed that anxiolytic property of lavender oil is comparable with lorazepam and effective to treat restlessness, sleep disturbance, and somatic complaints and improve general well-being. Thus the quality of life can improve with lavender oil treatment.

The advantage of lavender oil is that it is one of the essential oil, which can be taken orally.

The permeability of lavender oil is high through skin pores and able to reach the blood circulation very fast, immediately after the massage therapy.​

Inhalation of lavender oil activates olfactory nerves present at the nose and enhanced the functioning of the central nervous system by stimulating dopamine receptor.

The sleep disturbance is one of the major reason of hangover symptom. But the application of lavender oil improve sleep quality and may reduce the hangover intensity. [8]

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Juniper Oil

Juniper oil is effective to detoxify the body by frequent urination and purifying the blood.

Juniper Berries

The gastrointestinal disturbance is a common problem with a hangover. Juniper oil is an effective carminative and reduces the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, stomach pain associated with a hangover. In addition, the potent analgesic effect of this essential oil help to treat body ache. [9]

Alcohol consumption often causes cataplexy (muscle weakness). Animal study research showed that Juniper oil has an anticataleptic effect. [10] In addition, the biological alteration with chronic hangover also increases oxidative stress. [11]

Juniper oil is a potent antioxidant, as it blocks the oxidation by increasing antioxidant enzymes activity. [10] It is quite common that excessive or frequent alcohol consumption causes liver disorders.

Juniper oil has a hepatoprotective effect, which helps to regulate liver enzyme functioning. In addition, it also reduces overall cellular damage induced by alcohol consumption due to its potent antioxidant effect. [10]

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Rosemary Oil

Cognitive impairment, including deficit memory, alertness and concentration is the major problem in hangover condition, which reduce workability.

Rosemary Leaves

The benefits of Rosemerry oil treatment in hangover condition includes improve cognitive functioning, stress relieving effect due to its anticholinergic effect. [12]

Laboratory test report and in-vitro, in vivo studies showed that inhalation of Rosemerry oil improves the state of mood by regulating neurological activities including autonomic nervous system activities. [13]

Animal research studies provide the evidence that Rosemerry oil improve memory power, therefore, frequent drinkers can take Rosemerry oil inhalation therapy to maintain their memory and also help to improve brain functioning.

A clinical study performed to check the improvement of cognitive functioning by using Rosemerry aromatherapy showed that this essential oil provides a beneficial effect on the human short-term memory, which is effective to treat hangover related short-term memory deficit condition. [14]

1,8-cineole is an active constituent of Rosemary oil, which readily reach to the bloodstream after inhalation therapy. Therefore, the response is quick and improve the condition immediately after the therapy is initiated.

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Peppermint Oil

Excessive alcohol consumption, resultant of which induces hangover condition often provides biological inhibitory effects on GABAergic functioning, metabolic functioning etc. [15] Whereas peppermint oil can stimulate central nervous system activity.

Peppermint leaves

People treated with peppermint oil reported that this essential oil provides energetic feeling. In addition, peppermint oil improves memory and alertness, [14, 16] which often gets impaired during hangover condition.

Almost 72 percent people have a headache during a hangover and it occurs due to dysregulation of neurotransmitter in the brain. In addition, alcohol consumption increases the gastrointestinal secretions, which often causes several digestive discomforts. [15]

Topical application of peppermint oil can reduce a headache and combination with other essential oil (caraway oil) can treat indigestion problem. [17]

Peppermint oil application also improves blood circulation and thus help to maintain the blood pressure and cardiac functioning. [16]

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Lemon Oil

The aroma of lemon essential oil is apparent in its juice, which is an excellent source of citric acid and it alters the physiological pH, which becomes more acidic in hangover state.


The alteration of alkaline pH by drinking lemon juice can assist to reduce hangover related symptoms like a headache, heaviness etc. [18]

It is not only the lemon juice, but it’s essential oil which has several benefits like lemon juice. In chronic hangover condition, repetitive alcohol consumption causes liver damage.

Animal research study provides the evidence that lemon has hepato-protective activity by inhibiting lipid peroxidation and liver enzymes (alanine transaminase, aspartate transaminase) levels. [19]

Additionally, lemon essential oil helps to reduce nausea, vomiting and other digestive disorder symptoms appear due to a hangover.

Lemon essential oil application during hangover phase improves blood circulation to every organ and assist to normalized all the vital functioning of the body. [20]

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Best Essential Oil Recipes for Hangover

Refreshing Hangover Relief Cocktail


  • Half Lemon
  • One inch fresh ginger root (peeled and grated)
  • One cup boiling water
  • One green tea bag
  • One tablespoon organic honey


Take one cup of boiling water and grated ginger root and green tea bag. Cover the lid for 5 minutes. Then add lemon juice and honey. Drink this preparation 2 -3 times during hangover period. [18]


This refreshing natural cocktail help to reduce nausea and other digestion related problem due to ginger.

Green tea is a potent anti-oxidant, which reduce oxidative stress. Lemon can balance the pH and vitamin C content of lemon juice also provides the anti-oxidative effect.

Honey is a good source of fructose, which decreases hangover intensity.

Detox, Restore & Revive Massage Oil


  • Lavender oil – 2 drops
  • Peppermint oil – 2 drops
  • Lemon oil – 2 drops
  • Orange essential oil – 2 drops
  • Carrier oil (almond oil)- 2 drops


This massage oil should be applied through gentle rubbing in the head, neck, and back.


Massaging this essential oil blend helps to detox body and help to restore and revive the energy level and boost cognitive functioning. Lemon and orange essential oil detox body.

Both lavender oil and peppermint oil have GABAergic property and act as an anxiolytic property. These oil restore and revive the normal mental state after hangover. [21]

Quick Hangover Relief Roll-On Blend


  • Juniper oil – 2- 3 drops
  • Rosemary oil- 1-2 drop
  • Lavender oil – 3 drops


The required quantity of essential oil need to take in an airtight container and when to require simply roll -on to head, neck and the blend can be also inhaled.


Juniper oil has analgesic property, and help the recovery of a headache and body pain.

Rosemary oil and lavender oil improve mood and cognitive functioning. [22]

Natural remedies for Hangover

B officinalis is a medicinal plant, the extract obtains from flower has several remedial effects.

Phytochemicals like lactic acid, γ linolenic acid, malic acid, rosmarinic acid, allantoin, mucilage, and tannin are present in the herbal extract of this plant.

Research evidence showed that this plant product effectively reduces hangover symptoms. [2] It improves adrenal gland functioning and relieves stress. [23]

Opuntia ficus-indica is a fruit also known as Cactus pear, which is an abundant source of vitamin C and has potent antioxidant property. Therefore, alcohol-induced oxidative stress can be neutralized by consumption of this plant product. [24]

A research report also showed that the supplementation of Opuntia ficus-indica alter alcohol induce prostaglandin synthesis and can treat hangover related cognitive impairments. [2]

Water – More than sufficient water intake during a hangover is essential to compensate the dehydration, which occurs due to alcohol-induced inhibition of vasopressin hormone activity.

The inhibitory effect of vasopressin during hangover leads to impaired re-absorption of water by the kidney.

Too much dehydration causes several undesired symptoms during a hangover. Therefore, more than sufficient water intake can reduce the symptoms. [25]

Coffee and green tea consumption help to improve blood circulation in the head. It improves wakefulness.

Coffee or green tea consumption also reduces alcohol craving.[25]

Coconut water and apple cider vinegar are good electrolytes source.

Intake of these drink also replenishes electrolyte imbalance, which occurs due to excessive alcohol consumption and provides quick recovery from hangover condition. [25]

Bottom Line: The benefits of essential oil are explored through different natural remedial research works.

The functioning of essential oil is unique and its beneficial effects are well versed. In hangover condition, people often confuse how they get relieved from the symptoms. The essential oils therapy is an evidence-based effective option to combat the condition.

In addition, some of the precautionary measures also help to avoid hangover condition.

Such measures includes drinking within limit by controlling the consumption quantity of alcohol, instead of raw alcohol, mix little salt water with it and avoid hangover by reducing alcohol concentration in the drink. This will also maintain electrolyte balance, eating habit during drinking session help to neutralize the acid secretion from the stomach.

Drink a glassful of coconut oil or plain water before going to bed. All these extra precautionary measures definitely help to reduce the intensity of hangover.


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